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Project Description

Main Client: Thermal Power Plants Holding Company
Client: Mapna-MD3
Main Contractor: Rastak Pouya
Project Period: 2023-2024

Sahand combined cycle power plant (class F), including one gas unit and one steam unit, has a gas capacity of 307 megawatts and a steam capacity of 144 megawatts (total capacity of 451 megawatts) with efficiency of 58%. It is located in Eastern Azarbaijan province and in the outskirts of Bonab city.

This contract which is in range of 400 KV, includes two B-power-stations, two B-lines and three B-couplers and has a double busbar arrangement.

Rastak Pouya Engineering Company is responsible for procurement part of the items and installing, testing and operating High Voltage substation of the power plant.


Service Description:

Scope of work for Rastak Pouya Engineering Company includes procurement, installation and commissioning of 400 KV substation of Sahand Combined Cycle Power Plant as follows:

      Installation and commissioning of all High Voltage equipment including main Transformers and other HV equipment.

      Procurement and implementation of Clamps and Fittings

      Procurement and implementation of Stranded Conductors & Shield Wire

      Procurement and implementation of Busbar Tubular Conductor

      Procurement and execution of cable trays, cable ladders and accessories

      Procurement and implementation of secondary earthing system

      Procurement and implementation of lighting system

      Installation and commissioning of control and protection system

      Installation and commissioning of AC/DC equipment

      Cabling of all protection, control, DC/AC cables and all MV cables

      Testing and commissioning of 400 KV Substation