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Project Description

Main Client: Mokran Abniroo Company
Client: Mapna-MD3
Main Contractor: Rastak Pouya
Project Period: 2023-2024

In order to create infrastructure for the development of Chabahar Industrial Free-trade Zone and attract domestic and foreign investments to the region this project is defined. The goal of project includes creation of the North-South Corridor (NESTRAK) as well as creation of the third hub for country's petrochemical industry. Mokran Abniroo Company is going to provide both necessary amount of water and safe electricity, conforming technical specifications. Moreover, the company is instructed to prepare planning of the development of utility units, auxiliary facilities of the complex, construction of water desalination plant whose capacity would be up to 48 thousand cubic meters per day in Chabahar-Ramin area.



Service Description:

Rastak Pouya Engineering Company is responsible for the purchase of part of the items and the installation and operation of 230/20 KV high voltage substation of the water desalination plant.

• Installation and commissioning of all High Voltage equipment

• Procurement and implementation of Lightning arresters

• Procurement and implementation of Post Insulators and String Insulators

• Procurement and implementation of Clamps and Fittings

• Procurement and implementation of Stranded Conductors & Shield Wire

• Procurement and implementation of Busbar Tubular Conductor

• Procurement and execution of cable trays, cable ladders and accessories

• Procurement and implementation of secondary earthing system

• Procurement and implementation of lighting system

• Installation and commissioning of control and protection system

• Installation and commissioning of AC/DC equipment

• Cabling of all protection, control, DC/AC cables and all MV cables

• Testing and commissioning of 230/20 KV Substation